Strings Competition

International Violin Competition “Andrea Postacchini”

Edition XXVI

Notes XXVI - 2019

Background notes on 26th Edition.

XXVI International Violin Competition "Andrea Postacchini" [Fermo (FM), Marche / Italy] from 18 to 25, May 2019 to Aquila Theatre (via Mazzini, 6 / Fermo). Deadline admission at 23 March 2019. Prize Money of over € 30.000,00.



the Patronate ▪ MINISTRY of FOREIGN AFFAIRS and INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION ▪ MINISTRY for CULTURAL HERITAGE and ACTIVITES and for TOURISM NATIONAL ITALIAN COMMISSION for UNESCO ▪ MARCHE REGION ▪ CITY of FERMO ▪ CITY of ANSBACH (Germany, City twinned with the City of Fermo) ▪ PROVINCE of FERMO ▪ MARCHE CHAMBER of COMMERCE ▪ "CASSA di RISPARMIO di FERMO" FOUNDATION and “CARIFERMO SpA di FERMO” ▪ STATE CONSERVATORY of MUSIC "G. B. PERGOLESI" of FERMO ▪ STATE ARTISTIC HIGH SCHOOL "PREZIOTTI-LICINI" of FERMO the Committee of Honour ▪ Mr. Luca CERISCIOLI (President of the Regional Government of the Marche Region, AN) ▪ Mr. Paolo CALCINARO (Mayor of Fermo) ▪ H. E. Mrs. Vincenza FILIPPI (Prefect of Fermo) ▪ Mrs. Moira CANIGOLA (President of the Province of Fermo) ▪ H. E. Msgr. Rocco PENNACCHIO (Archbishop of Fermo) ▪ Mr. Gino SABATINI (President of the Marche Chamber of Commerce) ▪ Mr. Alberto PALMA (President of the "Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo" Foundation) ▪ Mr. Amedeo GRILLI (President of "Carifermo SpA" of Fermo) ▪ Mr. Filippo ERCOLI (General Manager of "Solgas Srl" of Fermo) ▪ Mrs. Stefania SCATASTA (Headmaster State Artistic High School "Preziotti-Licini" of Fermo) ▪ Mr. Giulio VINCI GIGLIUCCI (President of the Cultural Centre "Antiqua Marca Firmana") the Organization ▪ Cultural Centre ANTIQUA MARCA FIRMANA [viale Trento Nunzi, 50 / 63900 Fermo (FM), Marche / Italy] Team-Operating General Manager Mrs. Milena ROGANTE Vice-general Manager Mr. Giulio Cesare VINCI GIGLIUCCI General Executive Mr. Roberto PERTICARÀ Artistic Director Mr. Domenico CIABÒ CIPRIANI Vice-art Director Mrs. Linda PERTICARÀ Officers: of Secretariat Mrs. Sara Montanaro, of Treasury Mr. Elvezio Serena, of Logistics Mr. Giacomo TULLI Contacts ▫ telephone and fax +39.0734.224137 ▫ cellphone +39.339.6641902 ▫ (contacts with Competitors) ▫ (general contacts) ▫ (generic contacts and with competitors to stay in the system family more piano parts) ▫ (contacts for Your Donations and Support Participation) Web sites (Anything and Everything) ▫ (current Edition with translator incorporated) ▫ (Association and its Activities) ▫ (Your Donations and Support Participation) Social network ▫ ▫ Technical assistance Mr. Roberto Rocchetti (bow-maker / lute-maker)

Fermo, Wednesday 24 April 2019

Foundation & Bank

of the LAND of “Marca Firmana” and “Andrea Postacchini”

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