Strings Competition

International Violin Competition “Andrea Postacchini”

Edition XXIX

Prizes XXIX - 2022

29th Edition, May 2022

XXIX International Violin Competition "Andrea Postacchini" [Fermo (FM), Marche / Italy] from Saturday 21 to Saturday 28 May 2022 near Aquila Theatre (via Mazzini, 6 / Fermo). Deadline admission to Monday 21 August 2022. Prize Money of over € 30.000,00.


Category - A ▫ 1st class) diploma, by Alvaro Giostra & Figli - Fermo € 1.400,00. ▫ 2nd class) diploma, by Organismo di Mediazione Forense (OCFF N. 321) - Fermo € 500,00 and ccAMF € 600,00. ▫ 3rd class) diploma, by Steca Energia Srl ( - Monte Urano (FM) € 900,00. ▫ Student’s grant) diploma, by Commendator Niccola Campofiloni - Fermo € 600,00 and ccAMF € 200,00. Category - B ▫ 1st class) diploma, by € 1.800,00. ▫ 2nd class) diploma, by Assessorato Cultura e Turismo del Comune di Fermo € 1.400,00. ▫ 3rd class) diploma, by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo € 1.100,00. ▫ Student’s grant) diploma, by Assessorato Cultura e Turismo del Comune di Fermo € 1.000,00. □ Category - C ▫ 1st class) diploma, by Marche Chamber of Commerce € 2.200,00. ▫ 2nd class) diploma, by Picenum Plast SpA ( - Magliano di Tenna (FM) in memory of the Brothers Amedeo e Sergio Quintili in palio 1.700,00 di Credito Marchex. ▫ 3rd class) diploma, by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo € 1.300,00. ▫ Student’s grant) diploma, by Rotary International Club - Fermo € 1.200,00. □ Category - D ▫ 1st class) diploma, by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo € 2.600,00. ▫ 2nd class) diploma, by Carifermo SpA - Fermo € 2.000,00. ▫ 3rd class) diploma, by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Fermo € 1.500,00. ▫ Quota for non-winners finalists) diploma, by Assessorato Cultura e Turismo del Comune di Fermo, Macap Srl ( - Sant’Elpidio a Mare (FM) and Santori Pellami SpA ( - Monte Urano (FM); € 2.000,00 to be shared, among them; in case of single non-winner finalist, the prize is reduced by half. □ Special prizes diploma, prize Committee of Honour (for the best interpretation of a piece by J. S. Bach) of € 800,00 by Marche Chamber of Commerce diploma, prize City of Fermo (to the Italian competitor for the best execution of Capricci by Niccolo Paganini) of € 800,00 by Assessorato Cultura e Turismo del Comune di Fermo. diploma, prize City of Ansbach - Germany (to the best classified of German nationality) of € 500,00 by the Municipality of Ansbach ( diploma, prize in memory of Commendator Guerriero Santori (for the best interpretation of the composition of the19th, 20th or 21st centuries for violin solo or violin and piano, for Category - C and - D) of € 600,00 by Santori Pellami SpA ( - Monte Urano (FM). □ Prize "Andrea Postacchini" to the Absolute Winner diploma, a violin by Mr. Giacomo Nibid (liuteria nibid - Facebook and Instagram) - Montorio al Vomano (TE) and bow by Mr. Walter Barbiero ( - Piombino Dese (PD). □ Concerts prize ▫ concert by San Ginesio Municipal Administration ( - San Ginesio (MC), to be carried within August 2022. ▫ concert by Association the Philharmonic ONLUS - Orchestra I Virtuosi Italiani ( - Verona (VR) to be performed at the Maffeiana Hall of the Teatro Filarmonico or at Teatro Ristori within the 23rd (2022/2023) Concert Season. ▫ concert for the edition 31st - Summer Music Meeting (July/August 2022) - at the Courtyard of “Palazzo Campana” by the Campana Institute for Permanent Education ( - Osimo (AN). ▫ concert by “Giuseppe Cerquetelli” Cultural Musical Association - Cingoli (MC) to be held in Cingoli (the “Balcony of the Marche Region”) in 2023.
Please note
□ Article by Regulation XXIX - 2022, Article 17) Prizes, scholarships and concert prizes ▪ a 17) the prize money will be sent to the winners mainly via bank transfer, the given figures are gross of withholding taxes established by law; ▪ b 17) all the prizes and scholarships are indivisible; ▪ c 17) other prizes and concerts may be awarded to the winners; ▪ d 17) the concert prizes include full reimbursement of round trip and accommodation / food costs; in case of refusal of the date of the awarded concert the right to the prize is lost.

Fermo, Friday 27 August 2021

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of the LAND of “Marca Firmana” and “Andrea Postacchini”

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